Suhel AhmedSuhel Ahmed was born in Birmingham, England. He spent several years of his childhood growing up in his ancestral village in Bangladesh.

He studied at the University of Exeter, where he earned a Masters in Film History.

His debut novel, Broken Paths, was awarded a grant by the Arts Council, England and was the winner of the 2009 Muslim Writers Award for Best Unpublished Novel.

His writing has also been published in the Critical Muslim.

Suhel is currently working on his second novel called Disinherited.

He lives in London.

“The art of storytelling fascinates me. I love being seduced by a beautifully written story; I am forever charmed by the impression it leaves on me and cherish the generosity with which I am invited to collude with the power of someone else’s imagination. The best writing always has an organic quality about it, strewn with imperfections, innocently bending the rules, eschewing convention, yet beautiful to the final full stop. Technique, intellect, and cleverness: they’re all undoubtedly impressive, but pale in comparison to a slice of authenticity and, dare I say, “soul” that any story manages to convey. The heart of a reader always responds to an echo of truth, however faint that echo might be.”

Suhel Ahmed