Broken Paths is a courageous and accomplished first novel. Set in the Bangladeshi community it is a story of disenchantment, deceit, betrayal, unfulfilled desires and obsessive love. Suhel offers us a wonderfully evocative and nuanced portrayal of Amina – the mother – and Samir – the son – in a novel whose graphic and convincing evocations of place is outstanding.”
Jacob Ross – author of Pynter Bender and Fellow at the Royal Society of Literature

Broken Paths is a brilliant first novel, a compelling story about faith and love written with energy and great style.  It includes an exquisitely nuanced portrait of a mother-son dynamic. The clashing cultural and religious values that test this relationship are handled with great insight and in an entirely fresh way. Characters are rich and believable throughout, and the urban environment is itself shown as a rich and believable character.”
Robin Yassin-Kassab – author of The Road from Damascus

“I read the book for, and with, pleasure, and was often delighted by the switches in narration and tone. I liked the double POV and the interweaving of timescapes and of landscape, of quasi-theatrical set pieces and long passages of interior monologue. I found it constantly gripping. Congratulations on a fine first work.”
Aamer Hussein –  author of The Gulmohar Tree and The Cloud Messenger, and Fellow at the Royal Society of Literature

“Raw, honest and painful, a struggle for truth in a difficult world.”
Kit Whitfield –  author of Bareback and In Great waters