Short Stories

Daridro Daridro

Officer Mahmud only had curiosity to blame for bringing about a premature end to his fledgling career in the police force.

The incident occurred on the night Mahmud set out on his hourly check on the detainees in the station’s lock‐up wing. The heels of his boots clacked with authority as he strode through the corridor, stopping each time to take a cursory glance through the peephole of the cells that were occupied. His eye paused to take a closer look at the occupant in cell number six.

Wrapped in IvyWrapped in Ivy

While fixing his necktie in front of the hallway mirror, Martin glanced up at the oil painting which was framed on the wall at the top of the staircase. He found his view interrupted when Cassie came down the steps in her silk dressing gown. Martin returned to the kitchen and sat down to stir his coffee. He took it black with no sugar. Cassie followed him into the room.